Tristan Yenzer is a Florida Native and Louisiana transplant currently living in Shreveport. From an early age he studied dance, theatre, classical/modern drama, and stage/film production. After high school, Tristan attended college and received additional training in professional dance and theatre. As a young adult he began a nearly decade-long career at Walt Disney World employed primarily as a professional dancer and entertainer. Tristan also toured with Disney on Ice and traveled worldwide touring with Feld Entertainment for nearly two years. He continued his life on the road with the Ringling Brothers Circus gaining valuable skills and insight along the way. Tristan's lifelong education and critical experience have equipped him with a unique and gifted skillset.

After moving to Louisiana to be near family, Tristan made the decision to embark on a journey of self-discovery in order to heal from some latent physical and emotional difficulties. Like many, he tried various methods to recover. It was then that Tristan discovered the healing power of the Mermaid/Merman community. He instantly felt at home in the water and began to swim regularly as a merman. Through the course of several years he has incorporated his professional training along with an additional scuba and lifeguard certification into an intensive career as a professional Mer-person. Tristan has decided to share the joy and healing benefits of his lifestyle with his community by offering a Fin Fitness ® course for physical and emotional wellness. In addition, he serves as an entertainment professional regularly booking and organizing meet-and-greet style events and parties.

Tristan hopes to share the therapeutic and joy-filled benefits of his lifestyle with all lwho are interested and his philosophy on life can be defined in three simple words: "Just Keep Swimming."